Thursday, May 29, 2008

On gay marriage
LutherPunk gets it: ‘neither the sickle nor the swastika’ (as Elena Maria Vidal’s husband taught me long ago), neither the anti-freedom, self-righteous Cromwellianism of much of the left (who hate ‘bourgeois’ individual liberty as much as they hate conservative Christians and their cultures) nor that of the religious right

Our holy mother the church, natural law and common sense are clear there is no such thing as gay marriage.

(Sorry, certain friends of the blog, but a church that claims it can change that is not Catholic. We believe in church infallibility, which limits people’s power — including bishops’ — to change things, not ‘continuing revelation’ like the Mormons.)
However, what I do not understand is how gay [weddings] can remain illegal in this country.
Charity and freedom are the way to go, serving everybody best.

As the pastor alludes to, the state already licenses things that aren’t sacramental Christian marriages.

Get the state out of it. It doesn’t need defending; it is and ever shall be.

No more red herrings; this conservative Christian isn’t being played.
Last time I checked, being a conservative meant keeping your nose (and the nose of the government) out of people’s private affairs. Your job is to provide for national defense and basic services, and leave people the hell alone.
‘Free trade, friendship, diplomacy and non-interventionism.’

Tom, Sheryl and Fr Chris in LutherPunk’s com-box are right about churches’ polity and property. All I can add to this fair-mindedness is the diocese, the Catholic bishop and his people in communion with the world’s other Catholic bishops, not just any bishops, is the basic unit of traditional, patristic ecclesiology.

I’m happy to see you moving libertarianwards, Pastor, and of course hope you keep reading and commenting in this blog though you’ve suspended yours. I wouldn’t consider this move as part of ‘re-protestantising’ or a natural result of a lower ecclesiology; that seems to come from an Ayn Randian-like myth of libertarianism as selfish (atomising as Tripp might say). The thought behind individual liberty is as traditional as Aristotle and the Schoolmen which is why it overlaps with the classical-liberal Toryism of somebody like Edmund Burke versus Napoleon’s totalitarian brave new world. As Russell Kirk said I’m a conservative because I’m a liberal.

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