Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On RCs for Obama
As marginal politically, and as much like their non-RC friends in the same movement, as RCs for McCain

The rank and file seem to show there’s still an RC vote but it’s little to do with social teaching and nothing to do with doctrine. They’re for Clinton.

Nobody’s trying to talk Obama out of the worst record on abortion of the contenders. They’d be driven out of polite society.
[Roman Catholics who support pro-‘choice’ candidates] also need a compelling proportionate reason to justify it.
— the Archbishop of Denver

‘Neither side will stop it’ does just that. The Republicans have no incentive to: now they get to play the conservative Christians like a yo-yo and please the pro-abortion mainstream.

BTW Ron Paul agrees with the Pope on the Iraq war and showed up at the March for Life. Here’s some more reading to get rid of any misconceptions/prejudices about libertarianism.

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