Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RIP Sydney Pollack
A tip of the hat to a class act.
— George Clooney

Bad chick flicks
The English Patient: Long, drawn out, sweeping, epic… blech. I remember this movie being approximately 18 hours long. It also made us reconsider our annual effort to see all of the Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.
If you watch a lot of chick flicks you’ll learn that women are apparently really into terminal cancer.
I’ve never seen it and have no plans to but this is from Bad Movies We Love about Love Story:
O’Neal learns he’s going to lose McGraw to one of those Unspecified Terminal Diseases so beloved by Bad Moviemakers. The sight of flesh wasting away? Hair falling out in chunks? Nausea? No, Ali just grows a tad pale and asks O’Neal to take her to hospital where, her hair spread out decoratively on the pillow, she assures him there’s no pain.
Don’t miss O’Neal answering the most famous line from this film in the marvellous early-’70s screwball comedy What’s Up, Doc?

Disclosure: I liked Titanic and not just because Kate Winslet is yummy. Really good old-fashioned melodrama with ace special effects. Leo DiCaprio was fine playing a 1912-dressed version of himself. I was sure the critics would laugh it out of the cinemas for its sentimentality so no-one else would admit to liking it. Glad to have been proved wrong.

Replace it in this list with The Truth About Cats and Dogs, which I saw only because I was reviewing films at the time. A retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac (read or see the play or rent Roxanne instead) that tries to make ‘phone sex’ seem cool. Unsurprisingly Janeane Garofalo seemed to disappear from the big screen after that.

From LRC.

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