Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saving the 1962 Missal from 1962
The leading edge of RC traditionalism is not nostalgia for the things Thomas Day rightly criticised but a resumption of the legitimate liturgical movement (real liturgical renewal) the 1960s killed off. As Damian Thompson and others have noted trads are usually about 30 years younger than Modernists.

An old Mass, even one wretchedly done in 20 minutes or junked up with 1890s ballads as hymns, has Catholic orthodoxy built into it:
... offered according to sound, organic liturgical books.
‘Organic’ here meaning ‘following immemorial custom’ (which Pius IX didn’t think he had the right to change on a whim, even a pious one: ‘I’m only the Pope’).

Part of that liturgical movement is:

Chant’s comeback
Remember about 10 years ago when there was a best-selling CD of it?

The liturgy as cosmic praise
Quoting Pseudo-Dionysius, Pope Benedict sounds Eastern Orthodox

Photo: Sung Mass in Lublin, Poland. It’s interesting to compare that culture’s natural baroque style to liturgical-movement chic at High Mass in a French abbey. The traditional church is not monolithic.

From TNLM.

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