Monday, May 12, 2008

Take the red pill
LRC’s theme today. Understandably I liked The Matrix. (Saw it on a wide 1920s cinema screen!) I still think ‘most people are indifferent about freedom as long as they’re kept entertained and well fed’ and the revolution won’t happen; a few freedom-loving, aware people probably will keep being shut out and thus won’t make a difference. But having a few more such is of course a good thing. A little education can do the trick. But I’m counting on this to happen instead (go, gridlock!) and in the meantime keeping my head down and trying to stay in the state of grace.
This nurse had accidentally left her copy of The Revolution: A Manifesto at her nurses’ station overnight. When she arrived the next morning, fearing the book might be lost, she found to her amazement that the overnight nurse had actually read the entire thing. Not only that, but she had become an instant convert, wanting to spread Ron Paul’s message to her friends and family, and get extra copies of his book.

This is a person who, just a day earlier, had supported Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she wanted to see a woman in the White House.

Another person in the same discussion thread says that his own father, once a staunch McCain supporter, is now firmly for Ron Paul and withdrawal from Iraq. Having had a chance to read Dr. Paul’s positions for himself, he is now convinced that if all Americans could do so, Ron Paul would be president.
‘Break free of the phoney choices our political system gives us’
Not a dime’s worth of difference, like Pepsi (Obama) or Coke (Clinton in the Old Left rôle and McCain), both nothing but caramel-coloured sugar water
Republican politicians pull the wool over conservatives’ eyes. While campaigning, they’ll pick on isolated instances of government waste and promise to abolish them, leading voters to believe they’re supporting the small-government candidate. But once in office, the politicians invariably support greatly increased spending in other areas. “And,” Paul writes, “nothing changes.”

Democrats fool their voters, too. They oppose Republicans’ wars, at least at election time, but they have a list of other wars they’d like to wage in different parts of the world. “And nothing changes.”

The militarist media
Glenn Greenwald on those analysts paid by the Pentagon. I think it’s much simpler: coverage of the war, spun or not, doesn’t matter much because the ruling and middle classes don’t care. They know Iraq’s not a fight for America’s survival (so why not bring the soldiers home then?) and, selfishly, they know they and their kids won’t be conscripted and sent over there.

Veterans’ suicides

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