Monday, May 26, 2008

What do people need in regards to spirituality?
I believe that for most people, there is a need to be able to cope with living. I look around me and there are so many people who are seeking to numb themselves to the pain of living through materialistic acquisition, the pursuit of endless pleasure, or distraction from what is out there by guessing what is out there.

I believe fully in the integrity of
[my tradition] in having the guts to question even itself at the fundamental level and root out what I call the “great fob-off”. There is... a healthy skepticism which has its roots in belief.

The way of Mass and Office seems to be a wonderful way of rooting our days in our belief without detrimenting our reality with false pieties nor blinding us to hope by “gritty realism”. The Mass and the Office are there, practically unchanged since the earliest times. It serves as a basis upon which we can engage with the world as it really is without knowing what it reallly is.

Deep down, any human being has a huge hole which needs to be filled, and that hole is caused by Original Sin and our Separation from God. As Christians it is our duty to help people to cope with the hole at the centre of their being and not fill it with the detritus of the world, but rather to live with it and continue living with it until it is finally filled by God.
Dr Jonathan Munn

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