Saturday, May 31, 2008

With friends like these...
The latest sideshow in ‘American Idol’ the election game: Fr Michael Pfleger, like many people a mixture of good and bad ideas and qualities (the good side reminds me of the traditional Anglo-Catholic slum priests and of course things like Boys Town), and his Marxist-sounding, race-baiting sermon meant to benefit Barack Obama. Just the thing to win working-class white votes you desperately need. What the hell were they thinking? Hillary Clinton has many wrong ideas but based on the Carl Bernstein biography I’m reading she’s not a racist; quite the opposite. (She is arrogant — I’ve heard this from somebody who met her — but it’s not racial at all; it’s more like Fr P’s own self-righteousness: ‘We’re working to change the world and we know what’s best for you.’) I held my nose and found both the YouTube excerpt and a transcript at the likewise hateful Michelle Malkin’s site. Can anybody give me the context of what he said?

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