Friday, May 09, 2008

Women’s ordination revisited
Unsurprisingly Fr Tobias Haller believes liberal Protestantism is right and Catholicism wrong but has started this impressive conversation, long but worth reading, between Fr Chris Tessone and Paul Goings in which Paul does a good job presenting the improbabalist position, one of two Catholic opinions on the matter (the other being the impossibilist one held by the reigning Pope and others). As I wrote to Fr Chris a while back I don’t get bogged down in discussions on it or same-sex sex any more. The Catholic/Protestant differences on both are symptoms of the big difference: when all else seems the same — creed, episcopate, sacraments, liturgy — does one believe in an infallible church or not? Rule of law, in the form of doctrine (which is infallible and thus irreversible) and simply custom, actually limits what one, including a Pope, can change so those denying that infallibility, claiming it’s tyrannical, claim a power the Pope never dared to... something more like the leaders of the Mormon religion.

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