Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arturo on the invocation of saints
At least in the case of Western Christian polemics, those who try to defend the intercession of the saints almost always begin to argue from the position of weakness: “This is not as bad as it looks...” Hogwash! I shouldn’t have to bow my arguments to hyper-rationalist scoffers of sacred Tradition. At the same time, it is necessary to reflect on a deeper reason on why the invocation of saints is not only permissible, but laudable.

But here again, we see the condescension of God to our own lack of unbelief in the invisible. After all, that is what the whole mystery of the Incarnation is about, right?
And as Jesus has ascended into heaven, we’re left with the saints to do that.
For Florensky... the saints do not distract from God in Christ, but reveal His splendor

An ex-Protestant... once said that the problem with people who refuse to venerate the saints springs not from giving too much glory to the saints, but rather not giving enough glory to God.

The problem thus can be seen in a society that no longer knows how to revere and respect elders and people who deserve a greater degree of respect.

We must have a correct vision of the whole Christ, Head and members. The saga of salvation was consummated on Calvary, but the story did not end there.

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