Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching up with Steve Sailer
  • Larry Summers and Yves Saint Laurent. Where are the top women fashion designers?
  • ‘Model minority.’
    “How does it feel to be a solution?”

    Pretty damn good, I would hope. But if you want to be a Professional Asian who gets paid by foundations and the like for being an Asian Spokesperson, then, it’s not so hot. Thus, this report. And, Asians not needing affirmative action makes Professional Blacks feel worried and angry. So the only feasible solution is for Asians to get in on the Race Gravytrain, too. It’s a Win-Win solution!
  • The great college swindle again: more and dumber.
  • Social engineers move inner-city crime to suburbs. (Developers delighted!)
    Here’s how politicians think:

    • Tear down the inner city housing projects and put up Yup-topias in their place? Great idea!
    • Let in millions of illegal immigrants? Why not?
    • The ex-residents of the projects and the illegals inevitably destroy the inner suburbs? Then the lower middle class refugees will escape by buying brand new homes in the distant exurbs built by our campaign contributors!... who will employ the illegals as cheap construction labor! What’s not to love?!
    • And our friends in the road-construction industry will get fat contracts to connect the new exurbs to the jobs downtown!
    • And then, in the near future, when the high price of gasoline makes these new exurbs unaffordable for commuters, and they collapse in a wave of foreclosures, we will tear down the now-ruined inner suburbs, move the unemployed criminal element out to the rotting exurbs, and charge the middle class for new construction in the rebuilt inner suburbs where they’d started. Brilliant!

    Sure, all this construction will waste a fortune that could have been spent competing with the Chinese.

    And all this moving about will disrupt lives and friendships nurtured over decades.

    But the campaign contributors will be in heaven!

    • Let’s do it!
  • A film about immigrants.
    To Latin Americans from small colonial towns, where social life centers organically around the plaza, California cities, with no focal points but endless stripmalls, seem dishearteningly featureless.
  • ‘Sex and the City.’ More from Jeff Martin via Helen Rittelmeyer.
    A coven of four skanky spinsters who, long ago, moved to Manhattan to find “labels and love” (there apparently being no stores or men in Minnesota or wherever).
  • Fisking an Obama speech on education.

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