Thursday, June 26, 2008

‘Catholic Democrats’ group: Dems have most RC votes
This is probably true as it long has been historically (Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants in labour unions), as is the description of well-meant, muddled mainstream beliefs: right about not sending in the troops to overthrow foreign governments, wrong about making health the state’s job and ‘the wealthiest in our society should be paying their fair share’ (right, make everybody equally poor and unable to create real jobs through commerce... and enrich the state instead).

This lot links religiosity to socialism; McCain’s gives lip service to pro-life (‘I don’t have to actually do anything and I still get to bomb people, right, Fr Pavone?’) and is really just as socialist but pretends it’s not.

To quote an old friend (whose wife blogs) who helped form my worldview, I choose ‘neither the sickle nor the swastika’ even when it’s flying from a pole with the cross on it.

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