Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The election, Obama and race
John Derbyshire’s got most of this sussed. Most blacks and virtually all SWPL are in his pocket (for all the silly reasons people think it’d be neat to have a black president), actual anti-black backlash is negligible and he may lose because the working-class whites will vote against him to get back at the white élite (SWPL and their elders). Derb’s only really wrong about the effect his not really being black (‘exotic’) has: possibly still negative with American blacks, some of whom realise he’s not one of them (not that any of that really matters), but I maintain what was a liability for him when he was building his power base in Chicago is now a huge advantage possibly winning over undecided whites as well as SWPL though they’d never admit it (that they’re really voting for themselves). From Steve Sailer.

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