Monday, June 16, 2008

Empire or republic?
The principle of nonintervention is neither liberal nor conservative in orientation, and at the inception of the Republic it was accepted as a commonsense.
— From the book The Pornography of Power via Common Dreams

Beautiful music together, literally
Earl Scruggs and Joan Baez: the Old Right and the New Left?

Most people don’t remember that as recently as the 1930s Southern fundamentalists were anti-war.

As for me I’m still crushing on early-’60s Nana Mouskouri. The Sunday-afternoon Greek-music radio programme on WPRB (student-run from Princeton; they play everything) had the good kind of eclecticism from men singing Orthodox chant and instrumental folk music to Quincy Jones’ 1962 recording of her singing ‘What’s Good About Goodbye?’

From Joshua Snyder.

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