Thursday, June 12, 2008

Four from GetReligion
  • A new wrinkle on the ‘Obama is a Muslim’ furore. Of course he never really was — even his absent father was a lapsed one — but Islam can claim him by birth so there’s the possibility that the next US president would be, in some Muslim eyes, an apostate, very serious indeed.
  • Obama Messiah. A blog dedicated to keeping track of this kind of coverage.
  • Falwell revisited. More. I don’t doubt the sincerity of Hillary Clinton’s Christian faith either but likewise that doesn’t mean I agree with her.
  • About time.
    I am pretty darn sure that this is the first time in mainstream media history that a “conservative” group was set against “fundamentalists.” The way many in mainstream media throw the latter term around, you’d think the two words are synonymous.

    I just wanted to highlight this momentous occasion.

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