Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moral universalism or American exceptionalism?
Americans, blase about mass murder of foreigners, hardly notice these 1930s-style threats. But the Persians, the Arabs, and the rest of the world sure do.
Palæolibertarians for peace
Only by championing the rights of the individual and opposing the warfare state out of principle can we hope to see the empire crumble with as little pain as possible for those caught underneath.
‘War! What Is It Good For?’
No one ever answered Edwin Starr’s question. Well, Edwin, I’ll tell you what it’s good for. It’s good for taxes; it’s good for day care; it’s good for year-round schooling; it’s good for the metric system; it’s good for daylight saving time; it’s good for the Interstate Highway System; it’s good for divorce; it’s good for school consolidation and the space program and the IRS. In short, it’s good for nothing that a genuine conservative might cherish.
— Bill Kauffman

Both major US candidates are about class warfare
McCain’s a military brat so socialism’s all he’s known and as Abu Hatem explains one of Obama’s problems is economically he’s not Bill Clinton:
Isn’t it funny that after all of this tax-and-spend your way into prosperity was debunked years ago by people such as Friedrich von Hayek in his Road to Serfdom, people are still taking it up and believing it?
Also from Abu Hatem:
What are my Veepstakes predictions? I would say Obama is going to pick one of the following: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Sam Nunn, Jim Webb, or Hillary Clinton (probably not). Or he will find a white, older, experienced figure with national security chops. Simple as that.

What about McCain? His list is a lot easier. It has been well known the McCain list consists of Gov. Tom Pawlenty (Minnesota), Gov. Charlie Crist (Florida), Gov. Mark Sanford (South Carolina), Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), and former Governor Mitt Romney (Massachusetts).

Who do I think its going to be? I say Romney, Crist, and Jindal have the best shots. But I am almost sure McCain is going to pick one of those off that list. We have about a month or two until the VP is named, so let’s just sit back relax and see.
Jindal probably would bag McCain the RC-neocon vote.

From Joshua Snyder.

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