Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The proposed Dominion of British West Florida
An historical-fantasy club/token protest micro-state based on historical fact
Many people who live here don’t even know that both of the Florida Colonies (East and West Florida) remained loyal to the Crown during the War of the American Rebellion (1775-1783).
Although the American republic envisaged by Jefferson and others (essentially men of the English ‘Enlightenment’) is a good thing (which Ron Paul wants to return to), King George III wasn’t to blame for the American colonies’ troubles; Parliament (‘without representation’) was. Many people don’t realise the American Revolution was a civil war. The British actually didn’t like Benedict Arnold; he was atypical. (There’s a statue of good non-interventionist George Washington in Westminster and not one of him.) Many good Americans were loyal British subjects including at first the rebels (the Union flag was in the American flag’s canton and Washington offered toasts to the King). Many fled to Canada after the war which is why western Pennsylvanians and Ontario Canadians sound very similar.

Why not have a little country on the Gulf of Mexico that’s governed like Canada and Australia?

From Royal World.

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