Thursday, June 19, 2008

Religion and libertarianism
Today’s LRC pick. Ayn Rand was wrong. It’s like Camille Paglia, another nonbeliever who’s a friend of religion and a very funny woman I’ve met, to other gays: attack the church, which is the foundation of the free society that makes your lifestyle possible, and you saw off the branch you’re sitting on. Take away Christian charity from society and you get more murders like Matthew Shepard’s: the law of the jungle and mob/gang rule. And that charity knocked off its foundation in God — political correctness — eventually runs out of Christian capital.
So, which institution is the greatest enemy of human liberty? There can be only one answer: the state in general, and, in particular, the totalitarian version thereof.

Why pick on religion and the family? Because these are the two great competitors — against the state — for allegiance on the part of the people.
Why the Communists hated the Ukrainian Catholic Church: they couldn’t subvert it.

BTW the monstrous Ms Rand
dismissed us as “hippies of the right” (pronounced “ippes of de racht”).
Thank you!

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