Friday, June 13, 2008

The split in libertarianism
Justin Raimondo at Taki via LRC explains the snobbish, culturally liberal Beltway libertarians’ contempt for Ron Paul, his cultural conservatism (‘He believes abortion’s not just unfortunate but wrong? How gauche!’) and his populist appeal (a bunch of embarrassing hicks). The former seem more like socially very modern-liberal Republicans (‘Sex and the City’ and bomb Iran) not libertarians. (Like an ’80s sitcom where ‘conservative’ meant ‘plays the stock market’.) Like with other modern liberals being non-interventionist and pro-freedom in the culture wars (my position) aren’t good enough for them. A march of time towards liberty is not inevitable as the 20th century (and indeed Cromwell and Robespierre) made clear, and like Russell Kirk a reason I am a conservative is because I am a liberal. A classical one. Again the ’60s SDSers had a point and a lot of potential.

Of course like the Beltway folk I hate race-baiting too but the more I learn the more I realise that some controls on immigration are necessary and things like The Bell Curve may be true, or another reason besides culture why equality of opportunity doesn’t give equality of outcome. That’s not about loser whites putting on swastika armbands and pointy white hats to scare minorities away from their bottom-level jobs but simply politically incorrect reality. The key points to remember here are to have and keep equal opportunity and never forget that the disadvantaged, for whatever reason, are full-fledged people, the difference from racism. There are stereotypes and there are factual trends that beget them but every person is unique and deserves a chance.

One of our points is simply that social engineering doesn’t fix these problems.

(Ron Paul unlike Barack Obama wants to empty the jails of mostly black drugs offenders — legalising the drugs — and bring them back into the community, hardly a racist position.)

As Steve Sailer says the rich can afford to sound high-minded because they and their kids are entirely protected from contact with ‘life’s about money and bitches’ ghetto/gangsta culture (slumming hipster kids notwithstanding); at least some in the working class are fighting to protect their kids from that.

We have a shot at bringing classical liberalism out from the underground which is more than the Beltway libertarians ever did.

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