Thursday, June 26, 2008

Steve Sailer round-up
  • Face it: Obama’s personal political advantage nationally over other black Democrats is (he built his Chicago power base by denying it)... he’s really white. (But not just any old white. SWPL.)
    Basically, nobody cares about getting any insights into Obama because they’d rather nurture their little fantasies.
    And he’s content to let them do just that as long as it gets votes.
  • Multi-culti boffin outrage: Italians want to be... Italian.
  • On the college swindle. Paving the road to hell and all that.
    Bill Gates is now working full-time at his foundation, helping his wife make sure that every child in America gets a college education.

    Of course Bill himself didn’t bother getting a college education. He dropped out of Harvard.

    Indeed, his generational peers — Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Michael Dell — all dropped out of college, too.

    So, if there are people who are so smart that college is a waste of their time, couldn’t it possibly be that there are a lot of people who are so not smart that college is a waste of their time, too?

    American higher education today: ultra-elitist Social Darwinism masked by politically correct rhetoric.

    German higher education: leftist egalitarian mediocrity.

    American lower education: leftist egalitarian mediocrity.

    German lower education: hardheaded realism about human differences.

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