Monday, June 16, 2008

What’s wrong with the Libertarian Party now
[At the convention] Barr came off as the same smug, arrogant bastard he was when he was supporting anti-freedom legislation as a Republican.

I guess I just have a really bad taste in my mouth having lived in Georgia while Barr was on his little power kick in Washington, and I haven’t quite gotten past it.

Of course, choosing between McCain and Obama is a bit to me like choosing between a prostate check and a root canal.
Except those things are actually good for you.

Here the pastor and I stand:
I might be able to vote for Barr, but would certainly still need to shower after. I might just stay home.
Thomas Knapp on why writing in Paul wouldn’t work (besides his wisely choosing to remain in Congress and a way of fighting that, like 4GW, has a better chance against a strong conventional enemy):
I’m not one to invoke the “wasted vote” argument against even the most quixotic candidacies ... but I’m going to on this one. In most states, write-in votes are only counted for candidates who file a declaration of intent to run as a write-in candidate with the state election authority. Unless Paul does so, a write-in vote for him will not be tabulated ... or even mentioned. It will simply disappear down the memory hole, and to the extent that it is cast in preference to one of the other pro-freedom candidates who IS on the ballot or runs as a write-in, it will be reflected as a REDUCTION in the pro-freedom vote.
Obama pushes denial of personal responsibility in mortgage crisis
Yet he also seems to be nodding to the values voters, sort of

I was born a poor black child... well, not really...

Space mud isn’t worth $420m
At least the $huttle’s being grounded

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