Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Which country hides its prisoners from the Red Cross?
Hint: its head of state has a Texan accent

Israeli/Hamas truce in Gaza

The War Party’s mouthpiece

Justin Raimondo’s not canonising Tim Russert
Example number one: his disgraceful interview with GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who made opposition to the war and our foreign policy of “preemptive” imperialism the linchpin of his remarkable campaign.

In what has got to be one of the worst examples of high-handed hectoring and attempted intellectual intimidation I’ve seen in my lifetime, Russert tore into Paul the way he should have lit into Cheney, impugning his integrity, spending half the interview on the arcane subject of the Civil War — which Paul had never made a speech about, and obviously wasn’t even a minor issue in the campaign.

Russert’s show was a favored venue for the administration to publicize stories they had planted in the media.
That’s what matters here. Personally Russert may have been a decent chap and of course one ought to pray for the repose of his soul but other than that I don’t give a monkey’s which church he belonged to.

Obama’s right
Republican lies keep bin Laden on the loose
Obama asserted that the McCain campaign was using fear as a political weapon. “The simple point that I was making, which I will continue to make throughout this campaign, is that we can abide by due process and abide by basic concepts of rule of law and still crack down on terrorists,” Obama said.
Sounds good.

Because the gays are ‘getting married’
Having a go at the fear-the-queers nonsense

What our message must be
The average American cares about his family, his job and his pocketbook. Often in that order.

Politicians who succeed understand that, and, more often than not, pander to it. Libertarian politicians who spend their time talking about monetary theory aren’t going to impress people like that much, if at all.

If libertarian ideas are going to succeed, it’s not going to be because of some Constantine-like conversion on the part of the public, it’s going to be because libertarian-oriented politicians have crafted a message that convinces the public of the one very simple idea:

Freedom works.
From Rational Review.

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