Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the WSJ
  • McIncoherent. No matter. His fan base (angry old men of all ages and both sexes: ‘Bomb ’em!’) isn’t listening any more than the other guy’s (‘it would be, like, so neat to have a black president’).
  • ‘Pick Hillary.’ Like ‘Pick Flick!’ (Earlier I repeated she’s Reese Witherspoon in Election.) Sure, why not? That could cadge a few crucial votes from the centre to do the trick, the working-class Hillarycrats from the primaries and the people almost in SWPL-land who think it’d be neat to have a woman veep ‘just because, OK?’ Just finished Carl Bernstein’s bio of her. She’s not the right’s cartoon of her (she means well and her Christian faith is real) but even Bernstein admits she’s self-righteously ambitious. He doesn’t think she murdered Vince Foster but still.
  • Where’s the outrage? Really! As regular readers know there is much to be cheesed off about but this is still very (unintentionally?) funny. Today very liberal people spend more than twice as much time feeling angry as do political moderates. One in seven is outraged seven days a week. Tee hee.

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