Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Obama got the Middle America/working-class-white vote?
The one he needs to win. Not with corn-syrup ads claiming he’s just a Kansas farm boy at heart and worked in Chicago to help Stan Grebowski the unemployed steelworker. He probably won’t get it anyway (good — he’s a fraud) but either he’s got some clever campaign people or this is just dumb luck.

First Jeremiah Wright gets thrown under the bus (‘We helped cause 9/11’? ‘The Palestinians have a point’?! GET HIM!), then Trinity United Church of Christ (‘adiós, Jesus’) and now (because he’s got the black vote no matter who he really is or what he does)...

‘Vote for Obama. Jesse Jackson wants to cut his nuts off. I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.’
If I were an Obama supporter, I’d be thrilled by this. You really can’t ask for better publicity.

I find it delicious that Jesse’s true colors are coming out, and that he greatly diminishes himself by trashing Obama for speaking out against victimology, especially for doing what Jackson himself has always lacked the guts to do.

Jackson is yesterday’s model, a man who arguably did some good in standing up for his people, but who metastasized into a race hustler and shakedown artist, a man who personally profited from keeping alive a sense of grievance and victimization among African-Americans — and stoking a sense of guilt among white power-holders and power-brokers (e.g., the news media), which indulging Jackson and his schemes were meant to assuage.

I think the professional suicide of Jesse Jackson is something to be cheered, and a real changing of the guard moment in American politics.

It is only too fitting that it should come by Jackson trashing Obama for speaking to black audiences about taking personal responsibility for their lives — the one thing Jesse Jackson has not done, because it would have put him out of a job. (Or rather, made him get a real job.)
From Rod Dreher.

Daniel Larison on the matter.

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