Monday, July 14, 2008

Immigration again
The folks I hear virtuously proclaiming their concern most loudly never seem to be the ones who would even consider taking jobs like those left open after an immigration raid.

Additionally, it has been my experience that if the illegal immigrants in question look and sound “like Americans” (rather than having darker skin and a non-Euro accent), the heat in the argument seems to drop dramatically.
Revd Jane

I understand Philadelphia for some reason is the No. 1 destination in America of illegal immigrants from Ireland.

Recently Barack Obama said all American schoolchildren should learn Spanish.

Steve Sailer and his friends say:
Anyone who lives near a ghetto knows the tension between blacks and Hispanics right now.

Obama should go to a black church in Compton and tell the congregation to teach their children Spanish. I bet that would go over well.
Obama’s position strikes me as SWPL one-upmanship over the ‘wrong’ class of white people (whom everybody knows he doesn’t like), coming from yuppies whose jobs aren’t threatened by illegal immigration and who even benefit from the cheap labour though they’re loth to admit it. It’s foolish in this election because even though the race-baiting from part of the right is horrible, this pushes away the working-class white votes he needs to have a chance of winning. Like blacks they’re more likely to be competing with illegal immigrants for income and resources.

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