Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Incitement to commit sacrilege
Paul Goings just e-mailed this to me

First some reparation: Blessed, praised, hallowed and adored be our Lord Jesus Christ in the most holy Sacrament of the altar.

The secular world really hates the faith.

And really doesn’t get it. As if putting the Host under a microscope for example proves anything. Of course the ‘accidents’ of bread normally will look and behave just like unconsecrated stuff.

I remember reading as a teen-ager a Graham Greene (IIRC) short story (I can’t remember the name) on this subject:

The village atheist, literally, bribes a Catholic boy to steal a consecrated Host for this purpose, which he does by not swallowing one at Communion and hiding it in a napkin.

That night when he was supposed to hand it over he changes his mind, takes it out and swallows it.

The boy, now grown, is telling this story to somebody in a railway carriage, and as he gets up to get off the train his coat opens enough to show the collar of a priest.

As Paul agreed when I blogged it earlier, the Whapsters get it:

‘Edgy and iconoclastic’: not going against modern received opinion in any way whilst making fun of whoever’s not in the room.

P.S. It’s a back-handed testimony really: note how other religions aren’t attacked thus.

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