Friday, July 18, 2008

The road to hell and all that
Increasing the number of black male librarians has become a hot topic [at the American Library Association].

Why is it in black men’s interest to get recruited into a notoriously low-paying career?
It’s not even about equal opportunity (which of course is the right thing; forcing equal outcomes is unfair, unnatural and bad for society). Of course quotas are wrong.
Seldom does any race-based recruitment campaign stem from a hardheaded analysis of what’s in the best interest of the minorities. Instead, affirmative action is an automatic response by white leaders to their discomfort over their Black Lack. African-Americans have enough problems of their own without taking on this new Black Man’s Burden of helping whites feel better about themselves.
Ron Paul’s right of course that race-based anything — this and ‘Bantu education’ — is anti-freedom collectivism.

From Steve Sailer.

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