Thursday, July 10, 2008

Secular society has passed liberal religion by
Is there anyone in the Anglican Communion really thinking that the Church of England, etc., will be taken more seriously if they consecrate women as bishops?
Fr Z

16 years ago I dated a hard-core feminist atheist, believe it or not. They’re not impressed by this stuff.
Nobody in Europe is listening seriously to the rhetoric of ECUSA, or Rowan Williams, or the Lutheran Church in Norway, or the EP [Patriarch of Constantinople]. They see some snippets from the EP about the environment in a magazine. In response, they think or intuit (very briefly) “he is saying what we are supposed to be saying, and he wears a very cool outfit, and looks both stern and happy at the same time, and that’s all good because those folks in Eastern Europe who might still believe in that stuff will be more inclined to recycle, and, oh, there’s a lingerie ad on the next page....”
Orrologion (though as Owen points out His All-Holiness is not a wuss)

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