Friday, July 25, 2008

Some Ron Paul Q&A
From Bill Faust
McCain has the nomination — pack it up, dude, and down a cold one.

Ah, Grasshopper, the media love to report the self-immolation that McCain commits every time he opens his mouth. Seriously, the guy’s clueless and he can’t hide it anymore (although Katie Couric tries to help him).

I love Ron Paul, but I’m thinking about voting for Obama. What’s your take on him?

If you’re young, you’ll love the mountains of Afghanistan.

Why is the media treating Ron like a rock star now? Didn’t he quit?

No, Ron suspended his campaign. He remains eligible to be nominated while the media are currently keen to interview him as an expert on the financial system’s systemic failure. Free advertising while waiting in the wings.

I would give you a zillion ounces of gold, but I maxed out on donations.

You can’t trick me. FEC regs do not apply to donations made to delegates. Keep the gold and send some cash.

Man, things are getting expensive with the price of everything going up and the economy sucks.

The quickening has just barely started, so you ain’t seen nothing yet. Do something about it or just watch it get monstrously worse.

What’s the point if McCain doesn’t get tossed aside at the convention?

Ron’s Campaign for Liberty (C4L) is going to kick some bad Republicans to the curb after their head is handed to them in the fall elections. Sending Pennsylvania’s Ron Paul delegates to the convention to build for the future is one important part of this process.

I got news for you — America is lost.

It is logical to fight. The key is to destroy the federal government’s main weapon — a fraudulent fiat currency. Police-state laws, mercantile wars, the Federal Reserve, federal income tax and the IRS would all fall away without that tool of economic thievery through inflation. You can fight or accept being less free, less affluent and less secure. The choice is yours.

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