Friday, July 18, 2008

SWPL: Comparing people to Hitler
In the game of upper-middle-class one-upmanship (‘sounding smarter than their peers’), ‘all human beings can be neatly filed into one of two categories: People I Agree With, and People Who are Just Like Adolf Hitler’.
It’s also critical that you avoid the fatal mistake of getting creative and comparing people you don’t like to other evil dictators, such as Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro. With few exceptions, white people are actually fond of almost any dictator not named Hitler, and your remark that “this is just like something Mao Zedong would do” will be met with blank stares and possible social alienation. This is because, with the exception of Hitler, oppressive dictators share a passion for many of the things white people love — such as universal health care, conspiracy theories, caring about poor people while being filthy rich, and cool hats. Stick to the script and compare things you don’t like to Hitler, and Hitler alone.
It also explains Che Guevara T-shirts and posters.

They don’t like Francisco Franco because he was Catholic (which of course doesn’t mean he was perfect or his way of governing would necessarily work outside Latin countries: legitimism).

AmConMag has multiple reviews of Buchanan’s WWII book
From Joshua Snyder:
Both Dorothy Day and the America First Committee were right to oppose America’s entry into that fool war.
The America Firsters and Neville Chamberlain (his reputation comes from Churchill’s lying) had similar sensible ideas (and Chamberlain didn’t want to ally with the Soviets):
British leaders — especially Chamberlain — were not blind to the German threat and rearmed against it by building up the Royal Air Force and Navy.

As the archives show, Chamberlain was never an advocate of “peace at any price.” He made clear that Britain would resist direct German aggression in Western Europe but — like all post-1919 British governments — did not regard Britain’s vital interests as being at stake in East Central Europe.

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