Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who pays for state health-insurance mandates? You do!
‘Charity’ with other people’s money. From the Commonwealth Foundation.

The foundation’s Nathan Benefield also writes:
Pennsylvania already has 38 mandated-coverage provisions. These raise the cost of insurance by as much as 50 percent. In essence, these unfunded mandates are a tax on working Pennsylvanians who pay for their own health insurance. And while mandates are generally promoted as ways to help “the people,” they are often pushed by health-care and specialty providers that benefit from costly coverage.

Placing mandates on insurance providers forces everyone to pay more for insurance, even those who do not want and will never use the additional coverage.

Instead of mandates, autism and young-adult coverage could be offered as optional riders: people buying insurance could buy more coverage.

Instead of more mandates, lawmakers should adopt reforms that allow people to buy low-cost, mandate-lite insurance. Another alternative would be to allow people to opt out or waive certain coverage mandates to reduce the cost of their insurance.

The only way to substantially reduce the cost of health care is to put people in charge, not government bureaucrats.

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