Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why bother blogging about Anglicanism?
Rod Dreher gets it:
Some Anglican friends have wondered why so many of us non-Anglicans are so interested in that communion’s auto-destruction. Believe me, it’s not Schadenfreude, at least not for the interested parties I know. Part of it — I’m thinking in specific of an Anglophile RC priest friend — is a true love for Anglican prayers and piety, which he hates to see disappearing as the C of E collapses.
Certainly true of us for whom it was our home, our first church. A culture I’ve described many times before that deserves a place in the larger church where it always really belonged.

I try to limit my non-clobbering Catholic blogging on this to the best of the past (something I got to experience the tail-end of) and the the future of what’s left of Anglo-Catholicism (in the Roman Church for example) and to hold off on the rest until the intramural Protestant battle royale between the First World liberals with their big bucks and the Third World conservatives with their massive numbers is over, which won’t be any time soon.

This way to the larger church, chaps. (Photo from Anglican Wanderings.)

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