Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another YF on the Anglican row
Why should I be bothered about what a group of old frauds in frocks think about homosexuality? Well, I simply couldn’t resist blogging about what the chaplain at Porterhouse would call good, decent honest lust!

I despise the liberals for turning this into an issue of rights. That a woman has a right to be ordained or that a practicing homosexual has the right to be a bishop.

Were Gene Robinson a gay man trying to follow God’s path in life but occasionally falling into sin, then to me it would be a situation entirely different.
That reflects the Catholic position.

These issues are only symptoms of this great divide. The Protestants claim the power to bless gay sex; we don’t.
The fact he is a divorcé and is now living with his gay partner is what I object to.

The Church, to me, is about saving souls and not about throwing in its lot with modern society and modern values. What ever happened to going against the grain? What happened to Athanasius against the world?
Harry Tudor wanted an annulment the same time the Protestant heresies were metastasising in Europe. The rest as they say is history: accommodating the desires of the ruling class is simply what these people do as Theo Hobson approves of. He also notes that conscientious Christians in that church always felt bad about that — ‘half-hating’ this inherent liberalism. Evangelicalism, Methodism and Anglo-Catholicism were all trying to fix it.
The liberals need to lose their self-righteousness and the evangelicals their venom. And the church needs to rediscover a sense of tradition and continuity with which it can be restored to Holy Mother Rome.
Yes, the Evos would have to stop being Protestant (they could read some history as Newman suggests) which is about as likely in our lifetimes as the Episcopalians giving up liberalism.

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