Sunday, August 10, 2008

C.S. Lewis on the claim that ‘society’s reverting to paganism’
And the kind of paganism, natural religion, Arturo respects
Lewis believed that paganism and Christianity had more in common with each other on this point than either had with the modern, secularized world. In the essay ‘Is Theism Important?’, he wrote:
When grave persons express their fear that England is relapsing into Paganism, I am tempted to reply, ‘Would that she were’. For I do not think it at all likely that we shall ever see Parliament opened by the slaughtering of a garlanded white bull in the House of Lords or Cabinet Ministers leaving sandwiches in Hyde Park as an offering for the Dryads.

If such a state of affairs came about, then the Christian apologist would have something to work on. For a Pagan, as history shows, is a man eminently convertible to Christianity. He is essentially the pre-Christian, or sub-Christian, religious man. The post-Christian man of our day differs from him as much as a divorcee differs from a virgin.
From Hilary White who adds:
Now that would be the BEST opening of Parliament ever.


I would spring for the train fare to London to see that.

It would make Cameron the king of Fleet Street.

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