Wednesday, August 13, 2008

College crap
Just like this sort of thing only racial doublethink: ‘we’re race-blind which is why we want racial quotas’ for example
Much of this racialism emerges from an ideology for which “race does not exist.” So, how can one destroy something that isn’t there?

Even leftist race-deniers know that race exists. But leftism is inherently mendacious. Even worse, it is congenitally totalitarian and viciously anti-Christian. It has always sought to destroy the Church. The historical fact that Caucasian missionaries successfully proselytized the Faith, along with its artistic, musical, and literary riches, is why whites, at long last, are a preferred and open target in the left’s war on culture and religion.
Another reason to start some Wal-Mart Universities instead — help put this nonsense out of business and BTW give kids a better practical education.

From Chronicles.

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