Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From Mere Comments
  • S.M. Hutchens: To the best of my judgment, egalitarianism is as significant and seductive an error as Arianism; it is an anthropological heresy that infects theology proper through the attack on Christology it necessarily entails. I claim no special authority to make this judgment, but simply join mine, whatever it might be worth, to that of greater men, and submit it to the Church. Yes! Again, not equal opportunity based on everybody’s equal worth as a human being before God but forcing equality of outcome or pretending everybody’s the same.
  • A rant on today’s culture: Newspapers? Written by snotty eighth-graders for bored fifth-graders. Schools? Not when the typical English teacher cannot parse the words in a reasonably simple sentence, nor when geography and history have been swallowed up by Social Studies, itself swallowed up by Current Events. We could go on a long time with that one. There may never have been a Golden Age of Public Schooling, but there might have been a Copper Age anyhow; at least that’s what my old textbooks are a witness of. (And then there was the Age of Schooling before Compulsion.)

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