Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Rational Review
  • Military humanitarianism a moral impossibility.
  • An effect of high oil prices you may not expect. More globalisation. Rising oil prices might mean that Americans will buy fewer rattan chairs made in Indonesia. But thanks to the globalized market, they can buy Swedish sofas made in Virginia instead.
  • The problem with Obama’s skin is it’s so thin. Do you honestly expect the American public to support a candidate who can’t take a joke about himself?
  • Anti-school choice. Our presumptive president disses school choice because, while “it might benefit some kids at the top,” it “leaves a lot of kids at the bottom.” We know that’s how “progressives” garner ringing endorsements from the National Education Association, the teachers’ union whose core mission is protecting public schools from competition. It’s not privileged kids who need school choice; they can afford private schools or can move to neighborhoods with decent public schools. It’s the poorest kids — those stuck in wrecked inner-city districts — who choice helps the most.

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