Friday, August 29, 2008

March for life not for Bush
A conservative RC agrees: don’t get played. From Vito of the Society of St John Chrysostom.
Have years of circulating photographs of aborted babies hardened us to the photographs of dead or hooded, naked, and leashed inmates in American military prisons? Has listening to the ugly shouts from the mobs of pro-aborts outside of clinics where pro-lifers protest or counsel deafened us to the screams of Arab boys being abused by American soldiers? Will the hungry, thirsty, and naked who are imprisoned in George Bush’s gulag, or the homeless, sick, and dead in American-occupied Iraq have no advocates at the Last Judgment? Is Arab life in no sense sacred? Are the born worthy of no pity all? Can the Administration and its propagandists who justify or downplay the gravity of our crimes honestly be counted upon to be “pro-life”? If injustices of any kind are dismissed by us as being inconsequential, it casts doubt on our real commitment to and understanding of the Christian message in general, and the cause of the unborn in particular. If our voices are not raised against the horrors of a fraudulent war, unjust imprisonment, and torture, do we have a right to, and can we practically expect to get any serious hearing in our fight for the unborn?
On not voting:
Participation in community life is, indeed, a responsibility, but there are other ways of participating than by giving one’s assent to a fraud. Italian Catholics were directly ordered by the Papacy not to vote in national elections in Italy in the late nineteenth century because those elections, by their very nature, were designed always to hurt the cause of the Church. Italian Catholic participation took the form of an organized abstention from support for the existing system, and a dedication of energies to a militant education of the Catholic population for governing roles in a future, better nation.

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