Friday, August 22, 2008

More from RR
  • Buffett: Game’s over for Fannie and Freddie.
  • Religious left stumps for Obama. Including nouveau evangelicals. They have the best intentions in the world, you know, the kind that pave... They’re preaching to part of the SWPL choir, of course already in O’s pocket. The swing vote likely resents these types trying to tell them what to do. Anyway here’s Tom Woods on the compatibility of Catholicism and the market.
  • His empire Christianity. Jesus and guns together is just fine with the religious left when they do it. Why should government be the way you fix “our” failings?
  • How deeply stupid can progressives make themselves? Other than throwing the word genocide at Bush’s people I agree. The only difference between Bush’s and Obama’s version of the establishment is O would be better at it. ObamCo will bring you serious imperialism once they take power. If you think you’ve seen imperialism under Bush, you’re as stupid as Lindorff. Bush & Co. are vicious, murderous amateurs. The people who make up ObamCo — see here, for some examples — are vicious, murderous professionals. You haven’t even begun to see real trouble, to say nothing of real slaughter and real devastation.

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