Thursday, August 28, 2008

On growing up and the real world
The problem nowadays is that people conflate “X is immoral” with “the government should stop people from doing X”. America has a long history (up until around 1970) of giving citizens the freedom to do morally wrong things (be racist, be sexist, be lookist, etc.) as long as they were not explicitly injuring another person (classically theft, assault, fraud, slander) — and especially when it involved the disposition of a person’s private property. It relied on individual initiative to correct problems outside this sphere. Thus, if you are bothered by a business’s hiring and promotion practices (Abercrombie and Fitch, Hooters, whatever) then don’t shop there. Further, exercise your free-speech rights and encourage others not to shop there. Demonstrate in front of the store with picket signs. (Remember MLK’s fabulous bus boycott — black folks brought these immoral businesses to their knees... purely by using their First Amendment rights and their rights to shop where they chose.)

If you don’t like Delta’s hiring polices, go work for another airline. Or go back to school and learn another trade. But take responsibility for your own life rather than constantly running to Daddy (embodied in Big Government) to make the world treat you better.
— Jon at T 1:9

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