Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A reason why McCain has a chance
Why people think he’s a moderate: unlike Bush, exemplary in his personal life and allied politically to the overrated Protestant right, and the self-righteous Obama and his PC SWPL base (Article of Religion I: ‘it would be neat to have a black president’), IMO McCain’s historically chequered personal life makes him, in modern secular society, more ‘like the rest of us’, an ordinary guy (albeit one with lots of money), which appeals beyond his base of angry old men of all ages and sexes (‘Bomb ’em!’) to the undecided ordinary folk who are the swing vote being fought over. Politically he can afford to p*ss off the evangelicals; they think they have nowhere else to go.
Most of McCain’s critics probably think that it deals him a serious blow to describe McCain as a visceral, emotionally driven person, but I think those of us who are against McCain (regardless of whether we are for Obama) make a mistake if we treat this as an electoral weakness, just as we are missing something when we emphasize how little McCain knows about any policy questions. They are the sources of his strength as a candidate, and I suspect that they are part of the explanation for why he continues to run far ahead of the generic GOP candidate.

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