Saturday, August 16, 2008

Per Bylund at on his country. Good points (individual responsibility is reality) but I think Christians and others can see the same problem of pride in the bad sense in both the old and new cultures he describes. Fallen human nature, you know. Made worse by good old Protestant private judgement. ‘I answer to no-one’ and ‘I know what’s best for you’ are a dangerous mix.

Getting back to his point the reason the country was successful at first wasn’t that Swedes were socialists but in spite of it; it was because, still living off the capital of the old values of responsibility, culturally they were northern Europeans! (The British brought the same virtues to America.)
Scandinavian economist: In Scandinavia we have no poverty.

Milton Friedman: That’s interesting because in America among Scandinavian-Americans we have no poverty either.
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‘They hate us because we are free’?

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