Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Talking at MCJ
  • Chris Johnson’s spiritual autobiography.
  • Mine. Yawn. More.
  • Talking to Dr Tighe and others about the conservative-Lutheran option for middle-stump ’Piskies. Why don’t they do it? More.
  • Mark’s appreciation of MCJ:
    It is kind of funny that this blog has become such a haven for Anglo-Catholics and for ex-Anglicans who have gone to Rome or the East. It just happens that the other conservative Anglican blogs are evangelical in character and have gotten into heavy comment moderation and/or banning. For an Anglican or ex-Anglican of catholic sensibilities this just happens to be the last interesting blog left where we are welcome. Thank you, CJ, for running it and continuing to allow these voices to be heard. If it weren’t for you, where would I go to get my regular dose of Wm. Tighe?
Fr Hunwicke on WO: the larger church trumps everything
Unity with the ancient Churches of East and West which claim the allegiance of more than three quarters of the world’s Christians.

The unity of Christ’s Body the Church Universal is a Gospel imperative rooted in the nature of the Blessed Trinity itself (John 17; Ephesians) as well as in prudential considerations of witness and mission.

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