Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anyone who says that city-dwellers are rootless has never met a New Yorker
The culture-wars front line is not country versus city notes Taki’s Helen Rittelmeyer
There is nothing contradictory about cosmopolitan conservatism.
Look at Catholicism for example, universal/international and particular/local all at once.
Edmund Burke mistrusted an overly abstract mind, but he mistrusted a narrow mind just as much.

As much as I value the humility that small-town residents display, leadership demands a willingness to transcend narrow habits and concerns as much as it demands Burkean modesty.

My mother and friends all live in California. The only “civic pride” here in La-La land is loyalty to professional sports teams. What kind of community is that?

Most urban liberals are... intolerant and totally ignorant.

Cities are tremendous economic engines: just watch all the white people pouring into and out of them every workday. I bit the bullet and suffer a lower living standard by not following other conservative whites into the suburbs and exurbs, an existence I found soulless and stifling.

In short, this paleo, middle-aged, urban hipster is telling the Republican Party and its phony ruralism to stuff it.

Palin is so down-home sneery and smug it’s easy to relish expectations of Biden gutting her like a baby seal in foreign-policy debates.

The effect of the Internet, especially broadband, is not to be discounted for its effect on the growing political sophistication of the great unwashed (myself included) and influence of the paleo viewpoint.

Ignorance is
NOT bliss, and even the unsophisticated don’t like being lied to.

Sarah Palin is no ruralist but rather the Queen of Suburban Sprawl.
Daniel Larison on phoney populism

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