Friday, September 19, 2008

By George he’s got it
This realization — not just one in the head, but one that’s moved into the heart — is what’s moved me out of the angst and train-wreck fascination with elections. What a complete waste of emotional energy. No government agent at any level is ever going to do me any real good. Oh, sure, I like my taxes lowered so that I’m not complicit in a government’s immoral use of my money and can give it to people I know who really need it, rather than waste it on triplicated government salaries. And I have a thing or two to say about government activities that more quickly and easily facilitate the turn of my society into a cesspool of disgusting behaviors for my daughters to grow up in. So, I exercise my moral obligation to participate in my government with diligence.

But you know what: government doesn’t really help anyone. At best, at
BEST, it restrains evil.

Government isn’t God, Obama isn’t the Messiah (nor is McCain), the oceans won’t roll back, and often the best outcome is the least evil option.

The rest is up to us.

This world ain’t home, gents. We're all going to die. Don’t become too attached to it.
Benedict Seraphim

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