Thursday, September 25, 2008

Criticizing crunchy conservatism

Criticizing crunchy conservatism
There are things I’ve liked about it since I learnt of it years ago but this seems spot-on: crunchinesss is SWPL (who likewise like nice things and, living off the moral capital of Christianity, often have good intentions) with some better ideas, or coercive, socially conservative soft socialism that emotionally appeals to well-off orthodox Christians without a least a smattering of Austrian economics. (Note to RCs: read up on the Salamancan school.)

For example Rod Dreher wants to:
Ban cloning, strictly limit human genetic research, and closely regulate the biotech industry;... Shape zoning restrictions to favor the preservation of old buildings of historical value, require new development to conform to high aesthetic standards, and provide more public spaces for human interaction; and ... Adopt an attitude toward business laws that favors small businesses over large corporations.
I’ve no problem with the first two as they agree with the no-harm principle of libertarianism (essentially the golden rule) just as there are laws against murder. This is not limited to one religion (so it’s fine according to libertarianism and the US Constitution) but is part of the Catholic consistent ethic of life that opposes killing inconvenient babies, war on Iraq and automatically siding against Palestinians.

From Taki.

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