Friday, September 19, 2008

Damn right they do
Gurkha heroes deserve the right to live in Britain.

This regiment won 13 Victoria Crosses. Now there is a Maoist regime in their native Nepal and they would prefer to live under the Crown they served so well.

The thought of what you have to do to get a Victoria Cross, let alone thirteen in a single regiment, is staggering.

But of course, because they’re war heroes, the British Communists Labour party doesn’t want them. Nice.

Oh right. I forgot for a second.

I’m supposed to be a racist.

Too bad I’ve lost my secret Lefty decoder ring.
Like that late Anglo-Catholic priest I knew who was thrown out of Namibia in the 1960s for opposing apartheid and ended his days supplying at a Continuing church. He didn’t change; his church did (Articles XIX and XXI gave the ending away). Must not have got the memo that Catholics are just bigots, the lot of them.

From Hilary White.

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