Monday, September 29, 2008

From the LRC blog
  • HOORAY! What a heroic day! I know they will just print the money anyway, one way or another, but I’m still feeling all tingly to see the power elite get their nose bloodied in a popular revolt. If I can be excused for polishing our waistcoat buttons, the Austrian School is the center of the opposition to the Fed, its boom, and its bust, and the attempted additional swindle. It is the Paulians, the Mises Institute, and LRC that are responsible for the intellectual leadership of this huge popular victory, and even for the arguments used by Republican and Democratic congressman against the bailout. Against us stand the entire rapacious establishment. A century of work by brilliant and courageous men and women is bearing fruit. Join the Austro-libertarians in this battle! This was a victory for the people and Paulian libertarians and repudiation of Bush, Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Reed, Boehner and the MSM.
  • Here’s Ron Paul.
  • It’s not over yet.
  • Who needs Nasa? First private rocket makes it into space.

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