Friday, September 26, 2008

From RR
  • ‘Don’t blame me; I didn’t vote!’ “This is the guy (or gal, it matters not) I want holding the gun at the barrel of which my life and property will be controlled along with everyone else! Yeah! Freedom! Liberty! Democracy! America!” No, thanks.
  • Politicalspeak glossary.
  • Wall Street socialism: From now on, any petty tyrant anywhere in the world who takes over an industry will shut his critics up by saying that an American administration led by the party of free enterprise has done a de facto nationalization of a good chunk of U.S. capitalism.
  • This is not a bailout; it is an unraveling. You and I are being sold out, blatantly, publicly, and with the cooperation and collusion of the press and Congress. Was it a bad thing, that idea Karl Marx and Fred Engels hatched for the people to collectively own truck factories and potato farms? Maybe it was. But it’s a far, far worse idea that we should put up our savings to buy discredited institutions that exist primarily to shuffle and reshuffle money in the interest of ever-greater, ever-shakier and more precariously propped-up profits.
  • Left-libertarian CLS disagrees with the anti-immigration positions of pols I otherwise like, preferring the classic ‘they hold jobs natives don’t want’ line. I don’t like the whiff of xenophobia from part of the right either.
  • The fact that most Americans refuse to grow up and be adults has many results. One of them is critically relevant here: most Americans will not accept that actions have consequences, and that those consequences are sometimes irrevocable. Your prayers will not restore over a million slaughtered Iraqis to life. Your wishes will not instantaneously erase the horrifying memories that make an American soldier unable to sleep, incapable of holding a job, and that make him a stranger to his own family. There are times when our actions lead to results that cannot be undone.
  • Biden the old hawk. Obama’s Dick Cheney? Of course if you pay attention you’ll see O himself is a lefty hawk (Aipac and AfPak, folks); the people who don’t listen think he’s the peace candidate.
  • Crises are lousy environments for maintaining freedom.
  • In fifty-odd days Americans will snake to the polls and make it official: Ron Paul will not be president. Someone else will be. His erstwhile supporters will have to find another candidate worthy of their votes, and move on. But what if they, you know, don’t? He’s sensibly going back to Congress instead of throwing it all away but hooray for Montana’s Rick Jore.
  • Six years in Guantánamo. Sami al-Haj’s story told by the venerable Robert Fisk.
  • Demon drink. Not again!

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