Friday, September 05, 2008

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Last night, in Nuremberg
Actually Wednesday night
Watching the Republican convention is like something out of It Can’t Happen Here, the prescient novel by Sinclair Lewis, of how authoritarianism could come to this country in the name of “Americanism”.

“Love your neighbor.” Yeah, tell it to the Iraqis, Laura.

The mixture of religious and militaristic imagery is the overarching vision of this convention. Only McCain had “faith” in the surge...

We were treated to a parable about the sunrise on the mountain, which has somehting to do with optimism, and the Prez segues effortlessly into talk about God: does McCain have a divine endorsement? Well, not quite: but this is the subtext of every carefully chosen word. God bless you, and God bless America.

A woman is crying from the ritualized recitation of the shooting down of McCain’s plane over North Vietnam, a modern Icarus. Seized by an angry mob, his martrydom is lavished on the rapt absolutely silent delegates, like the stations of the cross.

Only an “angry leftist” would take umbrage at this sacrilegious mumbo jumbo.

Rebelliousness, oddly enough, is being celebrated in this panegyric, at this convention where there is not a single sign of dissension. (They didn’t even allow Ron Paul on the convention floor, never mind have him speak.)

Cindy McCain is working to undo and prevent the damage done by unexploded cluster bombs — like the very ones left in South Ossetia by the US-backed Georgian invaders, who admitted to dropping them in their war of “liberation” in that breakaway province. A war her husband valorizes as a struggle for “freedom.”

... attacking the Congress as “the most unpopular” in our history. Unpopular, yes, mostly because they haven’t ended the war as they promised they would — the war McCain hails as a noble cause.

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