Thursday, September 04, 2008

Heiling the leader
A crap video about 9/11 that said NOTHING about what caused it (US foreign policy); just a two-minutes’-hate against Third World brown folk (likewise no mention that backlash against overthrowing the Iranian government decades before and installing the Shah caused the hostage-taking nearly 30 years ago); some other opening acts (more or less ‘you owe him — he was a PoW’) and then the man himself with more of the same, militarism (I’m not supposed to ask what the hell they were or are fighting for, just tear up at the footage of men in uniform; freedom reduced to a totemic word stripped of real meaning) and then a roll of some conservative-sounding rhetoric (small government staying out of your way and no more spending abroad — what did Sarah ‘Israeli flag in her office’ Palin think?) possibly trying to pander to people like me as though we don’t know recent history. His audience ate it up.

I, Mac
Lew Rockwell sums up

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